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Partnering with industry decorating experts, T.D. Mills Promotional Products will ensure that your brand looks its best on every type of product. 

Embroidery is a traditional decorating method that uses needle and thread to create designs on fabrics. The most popular items our customers request for embroidery include polo and oxford shirts, outerwear, and hats. 


Screen printing uses a mesh screen and dye in the form of paint. A stencil is adhered to the screen and the paint is pushed through the mesh onto the fabric. This method creates an image with vibrant colors that will stand out on dark and light fabrics as long as the color of the ink is contrasting. 


Laser etching is a decoration method where a laser is used to disturb the surface of a fabric thereby making it malleable. When it cools, the image appears either lighter or darker than the original fabric depending on the type of fabric. This process is not recommended for very light or white fabrics. 

Laser etching can be used on metal, glass, and ceramic surfaces as well.


Sublimation is a scientific process in which ink is exposed to a certain high temperature and transforms into a gas when pressed into fabric, hard polyester or polymer materials. The heat opens the pores in the polyester or polymer and when pressed together, the gas enters the pores and when it cools it returns to a solid form. The pores close around the ink creating a "tattoo" within the fabric or polymer.


Deboss is a decorating method that begins with creating a metal die that is then heat pressed into the material. The impression created in the material has a three dimensional effect in the exact form of the die. 



Our Sales & Branding Specialists have the resources to bring your ideas to life with creativity and expertise.

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